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Hack Club is a worldwide community of high school hackers and coding clubs. We make together, learn together, organize hackathons together. This is your home.

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Hack Club gives you a community of thousands of other young makers to talk to. We’re artists, writers, engineers, tinkerers, campers, filmmakers, volunteers. We make things. We help one another.

Have a coding question? Looking for feedback on your project? Trying to start a local meetup group? You’ll find some phenomenal people to talk to in our Slack community with 3,000+ members around the world who are active at all hours.

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Making projects alone can be isolating. In the Slack community, you’ll find supporters and collaborators for your work.

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You’re going to meet super talented people, who organize hackathons, start coding clubs, lead camps, classes, and more.

I discovered Hack Club by accident last year when browsing on GitHub, and it is no doubt one of the most fortunate strokes of serendipity to have ever happened to me. I was already leading a coding club at my school and decided that joining the Hack Club network would help improve it further.

Above all, without the community Hack Club provided, I wouldn’t have learned a lot of the things I know today. I wouldn’t have understood promises in JavaScript. I wouldn’t have discovered hackathons. I wouldn’t have met many of the people I call friends today. The community is filled with brilliant people—those poised to make an impact on the world and those who already have.

I could have never envisioned how much influence this community would have on my life a year ago. There are definitely many, many more lives around the globe to be changed like it has to mine.

Victor Truong

(@ifvictr on Slack)

Grow as a programmer & human with our resources.

We run monthly Challenges, coding competitions around a theme with cash prizes. We offer dozens of free, open-source coding tutorials. We write articles about running coding clubs and student events. We’re deeply committed to improving the high school hacking community, and are constantly launching new services to help.

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Organizing a hackathon is tough. Luckily, Hack Club Bank offers best-in-class fiscal sponsorship for high school events, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

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We maintain an open source, up-to-date list of all the high school hackathons happening soon. Check out all those events! (And totally go to one.)

Come to Hack Night, our weekly nighttime hackathons.

Every Saturday night at 6pm PST, a group from our community comes together for Hack Night. It’s a remote hackathon, social hangout, and a ton of fun. Build, learn, and share together.

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Start a coding club at your high school, or bring yours.

Beyond our community, Hack Club is a nonprofit collective of coding clubs led by high schoolers everywhere. If you’ve already got a coding club, you’re welcome to join our network! If you’re interested in starting your own, we’ll help you out every step of the way.

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Before I started Hack Club in sophomore year, I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t think I could do big things.

Megan Cui, Cincinnati

(@megan on Slack)