A $500 grant for your in-person hackathon.

Hack Club is providing $500 grants (and waiving HCB fees) to in-person high school hackathons until December 31st, 2024.
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Your hackathon should be free for all attendees and meet the following requirements:

Running through next year
We want to bring back high schooler-led events around the world, so we're only offering this grant for high school hackathons that take place throughout 2024 (until December 31st).

This is not an annual program and has only been renewed until the end of 2024.
To create a uniquely tailored high school hackathon, your hackathon should be organized by high school students*. All attendees should be 18 & under AND not full-time college students.

Maximum of 1 college student is allowed on your organizing team.
Fully in-person
Hacking is a social activity, and we're supporting hackathons that bring hackers together IRL. We believe that fully IRL (not hybrid) events allow organisers to maximize the unique hackathon experience for attendees.

Your event must be at least 8 consecutive hours long to qualify for the grant.
Venue secured
You will need to provide a scan of an email, contract, or an MOU with your venue. Your scan should have the date of your hackathon and address, contact details, and the specific commitment of your venue.

If your venue is a school, attendance must not be limited to a specific school or club.
Handmade website
We believe the best hackathons embody the hacker spirit by building their own website. Complex or simple, beautiful or janky– build your own instead of using nontechnical tools like Wix or Devpost.

You will need to share a link to your website. Don't have a domain? HCB provides a free domain. Check out this guide on building hackathon websites or ask in Slack if you need help.
Open sourced finances
You'll receive your grant through HCB, our financial platform for hackathons, and spend it in the open with Transparency Mode. Sign up for HCB before applying.

If you're unable to use HCB, we're unfortunately unable to support you through this grant program.

If you'd like to list us on your site (optional), you can use the logos found on the respective brand guides for Hack Club..

The bucks start here.

Get your hackathon funded.

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Step 1

On Slack, send your website to #hackathon-grants

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Step 2

Fill in your application, we'll respond in 24 hours

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Step 3

Ka-ching! If approved, start spending your $500

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